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Rev Ong Bee Keow - Pastor-in-Charge - Changi Methodist Church

Rev Ong Bee Keow | Pastor-in-Charge


Rev Ong Bee Keow

Mr Simon Ng

Mr Dennis Chua

Ms Gerlynn Lim

Mr David Mah

Ms Sheryl Ti

Mr David Tan

Mr Derek Tan

Mr Lalita Loh

Mr Ronnie Gan

Ms Jane Chua

Ms Joanne Chua

Ms Rachel Ng

Mdm Julie Ngui

Mdm Tan Lay Hui


LCEC Chairperson / CAC Conference Delegate (Alternate)

Lay Leader / CAC Conference Delegate / Lay Preacher

Associate Lay Leader / English Works Committee Chairperson / Family Life

Recording Secretary / Church Governance Chair

Church Treasurer

Finance Committee Chairperson

Property Management Chair / Church Archivist

WSCS President 

PPRSC Chairperson / LCEC Vice-Chair / Outreach & Social Concerns / NE Task Force / CAC Conference Delegate (Alternate)

Discipleship & Nurture

Worship & Music

Witness, Evangelism & Missions / Youth & Young Adults Ministry Coordinator

Honorary Steward

Honorary Steward


Coming Soon | Admin Staff

Open chat
Hello 👋 Welcome to Changi Methodist Church!

Our English Worship Services are held on Saturdays, 3:00pm - 4:30pm, with refreshments thereafter.

Kindly take note of the variations in worship locales:
>>Last Saturday of every month | SKMC, 31, Anchorvale Rd, Room3-1, Singapore 545056

>> Rest of the Saturdays | GLCC, 39, Punggol Field Walk, Level 3, Singapore 828753 (unless otherwise advised)

Please drop us a message here if you require further clarification.